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pH, ORP, Electrical and Inductive Conductivity, Chlorine and disinfectants, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity and Flow

Monitoring a limit value or building a closed control circuit is easy with our sensors – in an enormous range of measuring applications. The measured values are delivered in real time and can be flexibly connected to the various process interfaces via bypass, immersion or installed fittings

Our product line provides a wide range of sensors for different measuring tasks. The field of application covers everything from simpler water treatment tasks to industrial process waters with more stringent requirements in terms of temperature, pressure, contamination tolerance and chemical resistance.


The standard potentiostatic and amperometric probe design consists of two electrodes (anode and cathode) that measure a change in current caused by the chemical reduction of hypochlorous acid at the cathode. The current that flows because of this reduction is proportional to the chlorine concentration.

The sensor contains a platinum and a copper electrode. With the sample water acting as the electrolyte, galvanic potential develops between the two electrodes. With stable conditions of pH and water flow, the sensor current increases proportionally to the free chlorine content.

Different membranes available to measure range of chlorine ions

Only 30 seconds to achieve an accurate reading

Reduced dependence on flow, substances and film-forming media

Wide range of measure up to 200 ppm

Complete collection range of parameter measure as: Chlroine, Peracetic acid, Ozone, Bromine, Peroxide

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