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USA FROTEC technology inc are established in unite states, headoffice is located in florida. our company are focusing on environmental protection.

Talking about the importance of not only the availability of clean water, but its consumption and attitude in our life. FROTEC group’s goal is clean water in every home.

Now we already have more than 100.000 square meter space for manufacturing filtration products in china( anhui, fujian,jiangsu three factory).

With advanced production equipment, quality control instruments and technology, FROTEC designs and manufactures filtration products in liquid and gas & air, such as membrane pressure vessel, frp tank, uf membrane, filter cartridge, filter housing and etc.

Our products are applied to bio-pharmaceutical, medical, food & beverage, microelectronic, chemistry, electronics, water treatment and laboratory application.

With many years' experience in filtration,our products are best introduced by our partners in many countries and areas, like the usa, canada, the uk, africa, europe, southeast asia, etc.

We aim at working together with our partners to protect our environment. we will continue to carry forward the quality-first, pioneering and innovative spirit to manufacture and supply products with superior quality.

leader speech

Innovation is the motive power of enterprise progress and development. Founded in 1995, FROTEC, after 20 years of innovation and development, has grown into a large-scale annual revenue of tens of millions of high-tech enterprises. Our development is no shortcut, no experience to learn, from first to last only adhere to the innovation and development of ideas, step by step, every stage of practical stability. If the past exploration is to deal with the market adaptation and challenges, then, from now on, we have entered a new initiative to plan for future development goals and tasks. Standing on the new historical starting point, we should strive to gradually realize the transformation from domestic brand to international brand, industry brand to social brand, famous brand to excellent brand.

We will not only achieve annual revenue exceeded 100 million of the plan, will continue to consolidate the foundation, innovation and development, in the consolidation of the premise based management, seeking system, process, design, service innovation breakthrough, we strongly enhance the management level of enterprises.

Together hand in hand forward, a total of welcome brilliant tomorrow, and create a hundred years FROTEC foundation!

team work
  • Management team

    First class idea

    First class management

  • Engineer Team

    First class team

    First class experience

  • Service team

    First class efficiency

    First class service

  • culture
  • 1
    Enterprise mission

    My hands have changed because of me

  • 2
    Development concept

    Leading technology, unlimited service

  • 3
    quality policy

    Take quality as the root and people first

  • 4
    Service spirit

    Concentric together, win-win situation

  • 5
    Talent theory

    Loyalty first, professional first

  • 6
    Core values

    Happiness, growth, harvest, responsibility

  • 7
    Enterprise efficiency

    Scientific and technological infinity, management benefit

  • 8
    Company vision

    Build industry benchmark!

  • 9
    Core competence

    Professional, attitude, attentive

  • Quality Control
    Quality Assurance

    Since 2010, FROTEC has passed the international standard organization 9001 quality assurance certification. FROTEC conducted three levels of internal project review and quality audits; FROTEC conducted a detailed review at each stage of the design; examined the FROTEC project procedures and standards system and implemented them effectively.

    Design review at each design phase, FROTEC held a wide range of design assessments to ensure that the design is of the highest quality possible and to provide the FROTEC customer needs. In the technical review, the FROTEC carries out detailed drawings, data and specifications for technical reviews before bidding to ensure that they are in agreement.

    Each year, FROTEC invites customers to participate in an independent customer satisfaction survey, providing Frank feedback on every aspect of FROTEC's services. In these surveys, FROTEC has been very successful. FROTEC's health and safety has two aspects of design and construction personnel's health and safety, FROTEC team and collaborator's health, safety and well-being, collaborators, users and the general public design. For the former, FROTEC has our health and safety policies; for the latter, FROTEC has policies on our clean development mechanism. Since 2009, FROTEC has participated in the contractor safety assessment program (CHAS).

    Environmental Management System

    FROTEC environmental management system (EMS) is ISO 14001 certification and based on our previous policies and initiatives to coordinate method, a structured set goals, objectives and practical solutions, knowledge and understanding of the environment. Divided into two main parts, office activities and office projects as a practical way and we will continue to achieve its long-term commitment to our operation, low office reputation to maximize the overall guidance, to reduce their carbon footprint, the overall planning and architectural design for sustainable development.

    In 2008, FROTEC signed the, a renewable energy partnership (ISEP), which pledged a 2020 reduction in carbon footprint. 2013, we won the ISEP carbon emission reduction award to reduce our carbon footprint since the signing of the commitment since the end of 47%.

    In 2012, FROTEC's commitment to packaging waste landfills was halved. Look at these in our project group and see that all FROTEC projects have special sustainability features.

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