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SBS2 Series Of Single Bag Style (Bolt & Nut Closure)

Bag Filter Housing


This item mainly composed of filter bag , shell, support rack and fixture and measuring device. The fluid flows from the filter entrance into filter cartridge with miscellaneous quality piece retained on the surface or deep in ,while purified fluid runs off from the outlet. Filter adopt clamps, ordinary flange, fast shackle bolt to lock ears. with female or sanitary clamp connect with the top cap, which usually install the gauge or platoon air valve, the inlet /outlet are connected with flange, silk thread and sanitary clamp.

SBS-2 Series - Single Bag Style (Bolt&nut Closure)

Material: SUS304L, SUS316L

Max working pressure:150PSI

Making method: Polished or sandblast

Ordering Guide

Model A mm B mm C mm D mm F mm Inlet/outlet
SBS-A 500 380 700 219 170 1"-3"
SBS-B 700 720 1070 219 170 1"-3"
SBS-3 350 190 430 114 97 3/4"-2"
SBS-4 500 340 580 114 97 3/4"-2"
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