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SEKO’s Sensor and Probes FW

pH, ORP, Electrical and Inductive Conductivity, Chlorine and disinfectants, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity and Flow

Monitoring a limit value or building a closed control circuit is easy with our sensors – in an enormous range of measuring applications. The measured values are delivered in real time and can be flexibly connected to the various process interfaces via bypass, immersion or installed fittings

Our product line provides a wide range of sensors for different measuring tasks. The field of application covers everything from simpler water treatment tasks to industrial process waters with more stringent requirements in terms of temperature, pressure, contamination tolerance and chemical resistance.


The paddle wheel sensor consists of a freely rotating wheel with magnets which is perpendicular to the flow. As the magnets in the blades spin past the Hall sensor, a frequency and voltage signal which is proportional to the flow rate is generated.

According to Faraday’s Law the voltage induced by the magmeter is proportional to the velocity of the conductor fluid. In the SFWE magmeter the physical principle at work is electromagnetic induction.

Low cost solution with high flow system accuracy

No pressure drop making it ideal for gravity flows

Reduced dependence on flow, substances and film-forming media

Magmeter without moving parts for measurement of conductive and homogeneous dirty media

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